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Plenty Of Materials Meet Your Various Prototype
Validation And Small Batch Production Needs.

  • JP2300 Resin
  • JP2300E White
  • JP3000 BROWN
  • DSM128 White
  • JP1300 Resin Translucent Red
  • JP1800 Resin Colorless Transparent
  • DSM Taurus Tanslucent Black
  • JP6000 Resin

JP2300 ResinView the physical performance table

JP2300 is a high-precision photosensitive resin material. The products made from it have a smooth surface,good detail expression, good shrinkage, good moisture resistance, chemical resistance, and other characteristics. It is the most widely used photosensitive resin material.

Material AdvantagesShort production period and highly cost-effective. The adsorbability and mechanical capacity of the product can fulfill conventional painting requirements.
Product Precision100mm ±0.1mm
Product DescriptionWith smooth surface and high dimensional stability, it is widely used to make various functional prototypes and manufacturing tools

JP2300E WhiteView the physical performance table

JP2300E photosensitive resin is a kind of ABS photosensitive resin with high dimensional precision and durability. It is suitable for mass production, with small overall shrinkage, excellent detail performance and long term use.

Material AdvantagesLow shrinkage, excellent dimensional accuracy; Smooth surface, high resolution;Good durability.
Color White
Product Precision100mm ±0.1mm
Product DescriptionWith smooth surface and high dimensional stability, it is widely used to make various functional prototypes and manufacturing tools

JP3000 ResinView the physical performance table

JP3000 high precision photosensitive resin, opaque brown color, matte surface, high precision, sharp edges and corners; low shrinkage and no discoloration.

Material Advantages Excellent precision performance, clear workpiece edges and corners, good detail performance, low shrinkage rate,stable dimension.
ColorBrown Opacity
Product Precision100mm ±0.1mm
Product Description The precision performance is excellent with clear workpiece edges and corners; good detail performance, low shrinkage rate; stable dimension; good metarial for the shoes; toys.

DSM 128View the physical performance table

DSM128 is a low viscosity photosensitive resin material developed by DSM company. The products produced by DSM128 are characterized by high smoothness and stable performance. It is widely used and its properties are similar to those of engineering plastics ABS and PBT.

Material AdvantagesSmooth surface, stable dimension, high precision, good toughness performance, waterproof and moisture-proof, easy to produce.
Color White
Product Precision100mm ±0.1mm
Product DescriptionWidely used in the production of various functional parts, manufacturing tools, etc.

JP1300 ResinView the physical performance table

JP1300 photosensitive resin exhibits high heat resistance up to 130°C to enable the simulation of the thermal properties of engineering plastics. High thermal stability, moisture resistance, and hardness of this resin meet the requirements of high-temperature resistance manufacture circumstances, such as vacuum plating, water plating, baking varnish, rapid molding.

Material AdvantagesHeat resistance: 110-130℃ .Excellent dimensional stability, high-resolution performance, high strength, and firmness
Color Transparent Red
Product Precision100mm ±0.1mm
Product DescriptionIdeal for testing thermal applications,

JP1800 ResinView the physical performance table

JP1800 is a colorless transparent material with proven dimensional stability, suitable for general use, detailed modeling, and transparent visual simulation.

Material AdvantagesHigh surface quality, smooth surface, waterproof, and great dimensional stability. After polishing and oil spraying, the product is closed to colorless.
Color Colorless Transparent
Product Precision100mm ±0.1mm
Product DescriptionWidely used in the production of various functional parts, manufacturing tools, etc.

DSM Taurus ResinView the physical performance table

DSM Taurus is a high performance photosensitive resin developed by DSM with both heat resistance and mechanical properties. It is suitable for all kinds of functional prototype verification and final part manufacturing. It can produce large parts and has excellent detail expression.

Material AdvantagesThermal and mechanical properties, wear-resistant and durable, and excellent precision for large-size parts.
Color Tanslucent Black
Product Precision100mm ±0.1mm
Product DescriptionBoth high heat resistance and mechanical performance, can be directly produced to use.

JP6000 ResinView the physical performance table

JP6000 is a white translucent light curing molding material, which can be rapidly molded and the surface of the parts is smooth and clean. It is a collection of anti-tear, high rebound, high elongation elastomer material, suitable for buffering, shock absorption and folding

Material AdvantagesStrong resistance,good resilience,high elongation.
Color Colorless Translucent
Product Precision100mm ±0.1mm
Product DescriptionSoft material, colorless translucent,High elongation, excellent resilience and tear resistance.

Production Process of 3D Printing

Hundreds of advanced industrial 3D printers and related supporting equipment can shorten product development
cycle and reduce product development cost for customers

Data Processing




Dry Grinding

Machine Grinding

Water Grinding




Ordering Process Of 3D Printing

Upload 3D Model Files (STL, STEP, etc.)
on the Valuation Page
Customer Selects Printing Materials
and Notes Sample Requirements
Customer Service Reviews Quotation
Documents and Check Quotation
Customer Confirms Document
and Makes Payment
Factory Starts Printing and Producing
Deliver to Customer for Acceptance
after Delivery Inspection
Print Files Seal or Delete after Receiving

Our Business Covers A Variety Of IndustriesTo Realize Creativity
Anytime And Anywhere

3d printing technology is mainly applied in industrial design, architectural engineering and construction, metal 3D printing, automobile,
aerospace, equipment manufacturing, medical treatment, education, cultural creativity, jewelry design and other fields.
Any shape of the parts can be generated from computer graphics data, thus greatly shorten the product development cycle, improve productivity and reduce costs.

  • Mechanical and Electrical Industries
  • Instrumentation
  • Smart Home Appliance
  • Automotive Parts
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Art Design
  • Graduation Project
  • Medical Industry

Case of 3D Printing

We only show some of the works, please consult the online customer service for more information.