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    I needed a small batch of assembled PCBs for a project. I have used the PCB service from AllPCB before and was curious if the PCB Assembly service was just as good. I got in contact with Hannah from customer support, who was extremely wonderful and helpful throughout the process, so an extra thank you to you Hannah! The PCB Assembly service was quick and I like the fact they first soldered a sample which was photographed in detail for me to check; nice surprise! The final assembled PCBs arrived sooner than expected and are functioning very well! Would like to thank the team at AllPCB for this wonderful experience, would definitely recommend AllPCB for you PCB manufacturing or/and PCB assembly!

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    H27190A 03/31/2022

    Build a prototype for TAS5630 board. After competing and applying all part, fully surprised, as everything started with no issue. Board is created very well. Will continue cooperation with allpcb

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    H45287G8 03/15/2022

    Very good quality, working from first kick. It replaces the original harman ts7 amplifier board.

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    H45287G8 03/15/2022

    Сделали очень быстро. Через семь дней отправили

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    H97130A 02/24/2022

    Hello, We received the product correctly. But we also received a second order which was not ours. I think you included an order from other person inside our same package. Please check, because maybe the other customer did not receive anything. Attached is the photo of the 2nd package which is not ours.

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    H46409A 02/22/2022

    OPTIC3SPF - AU22001. SFP Optic Module Driver PCB. New Red PCB vs Older Green PCB. Fast & Efficient Service & Delivery. Thanks ALLPCB!!!.

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    H84097S1 02/21/2022


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    H53738S4 02/11/2022

    Manufactured and delivered without delay. I assembled all the components, everything works as it should

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    H29250A 02/11/2022

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