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mold design to mold manufacturing, injection molding production etc.

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Injection Molding Service Category

JustFit is professional in optimizing product structure and reducing injection mold cost
  • Mold Design

    Professional product mold design team with rich experience in designing high - end consumer electronics, connectors, medical electronic devices, automotive electronics and other molds

  • Mold Manufacturing

    Providing systematic and standardized design, our team ensures the time effectiveness of manufacturing, service life of mold, standard processing precision and quality service to meet customer needs.

  • Injection Molding

    We import high precision injection molding equipment, offer good quality product by standardised production line, and build up JF professional teams, mainly to meet high customer expectations of quality standards.

Material Processibility Data Sheet

Material AbbreviationChemiscal NameForming Temperature°CDry Temperature°CMold Temperature°C
ABS ABS 230-200 85 70
PC/ABS PC/ABS 250-230 110 85
PC PC 280-265 120 100
PMMA PMMA 220-190 120 120
POM POM 200-180 65 65
LCP LCP 320-285 150 120
PBT PBT 250-230 0 65
PA6 PA6 240-220 100 90
PA66 PA66 300-285 120 120
PS PS 230-210 0 65
PVC PVC 190-170 0 50
TPE TPE 200-170 70 65
TPR TPR 180-165 0 30

Production Technology & Product Exhibition

Do you want a fast customized mold?


  • 120000+


  • 5分钟


  • 50+






Precision Manufacturing Applied To Every Industry

Injection molding is used for rapid prototyping and is suitable for the mass production of parts in many industries.
It is often used in the healthcare, packaging, automotive, consumer electronics, construction, and robotics industries.

Product Exhibition

Advanced Electronics Equipment
Advanced Electronics Toolkit
Plastic PVC Pipe Mold
Plastic Fan Mold
PVC Pipe Mold