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  • Dimensions

    X mm

  • Quantity

  • Layers

  • Thickness

  • Board Quantity

  • Assembly Side

  • SMD Solder Joints

  • DIP Solder Joints

  • Stencil type
  • Electropolishing
  • Size (mm)
  • Stencil Side
01High Quality

Superior Quality Raw Materials

Advanced Siemens SMT Machines

X-Ray Inspection& 100% AOI Funcational Testing

02Quick Turnaround

Instant Online Quote

Expedited Delivery within 2-4 Days

High-Performance Supply Chain

03Cost Efficient

Highly Automated Production Lines

FREE Stencil and Tooling

Professional Technical Support

PCBA Processing

Material Preparation

Solder Paste




Reflow Soldering



Wave Soldering



Production Lines Fully Equipped With Siemens High Speed SMT Machine
10 high-speed production lines adopt the brand new ASM Siemens high-speed machines, equipped with automatic SPI, precision up to 0.0375mm, which reduces the material waste.
Whole PCBA production line uses Japanese solder paste.
  • Standard Lead Time

    Conventional Prototyping(Within 30 pcs): 4 days

    Small Batch(31-200 pcs): 5 days

    Medium Batch(201-500 pcs): 7 days

  • Components Service

    Purchase the whole set of components for customers

    Purchase part of components for customers

    PCB Assembling only

  • Daily Production Capacity

    SMT: 4 Million Solder Joints/ Day

    THT: 500 Thousand Solder Joints/ Day

  • PCBA Solder Type

    Surface Mounted Technology(SMT)

    Through Hole Technology(THT)

  • Component Range

    Passive Components: Assembling Inch 01005(0.4*0.2 mm), 0201

    BGA and Other High Precision IC: BGA components witha spacing
    of Min 0.25 mm are detected by X-ray

  • Board Dimension for PCBA Service

    Max Board Size: 400*1200 mm

    Min Board Size: 45*45 mm ( PCB size smaller than this will be
    paneli-zed by ALLPCB)

  • Maximum Board Thickness

    Board Thickness ≤ 3 mm(No Limit for Prototyping)

  • Maximum Parts Mounting Accuracy(100 FP)

    Accuracy of Whole Course Mounting 0.0375 mm

  • Minimum BGA Spacing

    ≥0.25 mm

  • Minimum Order Quantity

    One set is to order

  • PCB Types for Assembly Service

    Rigid PCB(FR-4, Mental Substrate Board)

    Rigid-Flex PCB

    Flexible PCB(FPC)

    Aluminum PCB

Our Case
One-stop Manufacturing Service of The Shared Bicycles
Joint design of the schematic, rapid PCB prototype, efficient SMT service,
and comprehensive AOI inspection. JustFit work with us accomplished an
extraordinary and glorious achievement.
One-stop Manufacturing Service of Drones
JustFit provided one-stop service from PCB fabrication, electrical components
procurement to SMT service, which saved our project cost. I am impressed by
the professionalism and efficiency of JustFit PCBA service.